Testosterone and Dopamine

Testosterone is a crazy hormone.  Testosterone might get you in the sack, but what keeps you there is a hormone that many of you probably have not heard of– dopamine.  Dopamine is what causes us feelings of euphoria, romance, and salaciousness.

Personally, I learn best from a combination of both audio and video.  Throughout this website, you will find collections of videos that explain these hormones, how they work, and how they might effect your behavior.

After you watch these videos, you will definately find that these hormones, are anything but borring.

Let’s look at this first video from Discovery Networks, which explains some very interesting things about Testosterone and Dopamine!



This next video comes from Brainlink.  This short video goes into a little more detail about Dopamine and how it can effect our willingness, and sometimes the need, for us to take risk.



This next segment explains how testosterone may actually make men more honest